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Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets Want the lightest weight and smallest helmet on the market that do not relinquish any of their safety offerings? Now there are finally helmets that meet your needs with the Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet! With offerings in all your favorite styles such as the full face helmet, open face helmet, half and beanie helmets from leading brands such as ,SHOEI, JOE ROCKET,EXL,BELL,FOX,ICON,SCORPION,ONEAL,REV'IT,DUNLOP,AXO,HJC HELMETS and many more all at an affordable price.To many riders light weight and smaller size equals comfort and no other helmet building material can offer what carbon fiber can. Carbon helmets are able to offer many of your favorite designs and graphics while still offering all of your favorite features such as removable and washable interiors, optional shields, and many more.Get yours today, and start enjoying the luxury of a lightweight carbon helmet without sacrificing any of the safety and peace of mind that you deserve. Join the thousands of others that are already enjoying theirs and get yours today!

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Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmets
are the strongest made helmets you can get. Technological updates that are constantly occurring are taking this material and making it better and better each time. Carbon fiber Motorcycle Helmets may cost more than their plastic or fiberglass counterparts, but they're worth the extra money. It's your head, your brain, so you make the choice which material you want wrapped around your head. However, the material used in helmet making is only as good as the the rest of the construction of the helmet. You can have a great material, but the manufacturer will wrap that material around the foam required for a DOT rating, and when all this comes together is when the helmet is complete and ready for the road.


Half Helmets

Half Helmets are exactly what they say...they are half of a helmet. Half helmets generally come with snaps on the front for a visor or shield, and have a removable zip out neck liner which is very handy on cool days to have on, and of course warm days to have off.

Half Helmets are often classified with shorty helmets and skid lids because essentially those are half helmets as well and this is why we have included them in this category. Technically speaking though, half helmets are those with the features mentioned in the paragraph above. These carry a DOT rating and protect you from the top of your head and come down over your ears giving you half the protection of a full face...hence the term, half helmet.

Product Description

Bell Drifter Helmet 2010 Model

If ya gotta go DOT, might as well do it with some attitude. For you, there's the Bell Drifter Helmet. Get it on your head and the Man off your back

■Lightweight, composite fiberglass shell
■Removable ear pads for cold weather riding
■Removable/washable comfort padding
■Rear goggle strap
■Black Hide is leather wrapped
■Five-year warranty
■Certification: DOT
■Weight: 900g

**Note: Drifter was designed to have as small as a profile as possible while still meeting the DOT helmet standard. Because of this it may not be size-consistent with other helmets you may have and it tends to run a little smaller than Bell’s other cruiser models.

Product Description

Scorpion 2010 Model EXO-100 Solid Helmet

$109.95 - $119.95

comes in a bunch of shiny colors as well as matte black

Each helmet comes with a retractable tinted SpeedView®
Visors open up the custom possibilities even further
A removable ear curtain adds warmth in cooler conditions


Motorcycle Helmets

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O'Neal Racing 2010 Model
Tirade Bluetooth Helmet

Product Description
O'Neal Tirade Bluetooth Helmet
■Integrated Blinc 3 Bluetooth
■Lightweight, fiberglass composite shell
■3 shell sizes for superior fit
■Washable/removable technical fabric liner
■Dynamic, flow-through ventilation
■Fog-free, scratch-resistant shield
■Quick-Draw™ quick release shield
■DOT/ECE approved

Blinc 3 Bluetooth Features:
■Take or make a cell phone call via your Bluetooth compatible phone
■OLED screen shows mode (pairing, intercom, FM), for easy use
■450 Meter helmet-to-helmet intercom
■Two high-quality, built-in, multi-directional speakers with true stereo sound
■Built-in, hidden mic with noise cancellation
■Listen to MP3 music and GPS instructions via Bluetooth capable devices
■Incoming calls automatically mute music or GPS instructions and automatically reconnect after call is ended
■FM radio with auto seek

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For those of us who ride, we know there is nothing like it. The freedom brought on by opening up that throttle is an escape from everything behind you as you thrust into the challenge ahead. The overwhelming sensation brings exhilaration, excitement and calm all in the same breath. Our company’s desire for developing, creating and producing the world’s finest products is stronger than ever. To this day, Jim O’Neal is still racing and torture testing O’NEAL product along with some of the world’s finest racers. The goal is to make sure that EVERY O’NEAL product produced offers the absolute best in comfort, quality and protection every time you ride. Security, Quality and Protection you can trust for 40 years of racing